steady as the horizon
the pain in life is constant
and formidable
you can give up
or your can see
and you can realize
it is constant
the effort is constant
seems a bit sad
don’t get me started
but the alternative
is to let it all
wash by
wash over you
and wrap you up
a life gone by
if you choose
to live life
you have already won
in God’s eyes
a champion




Hotdog Oven


Sometimes I wish I was born
with a miniature hotdog oven strapped on my back.
Or at least they strapped a miniature hotdog oven on by back,
when I left the hospital as an infant.

Then, later after I had grown up if I climbed Mount Everest
or was on the Moon I would have this hotdog oven on my back.

What could be better if I were to encounter “hostiles.”

“Everyone likes a warm hotdog. “
“Especially, one served piping hot from a miniature hotdog oven”
-Walt Whitman

What better way to disarm a “hostile.”
Well, I suppose a disarming smile.
Or, perhaps a gun.
Perhaps best for disarming “hostiles” would be a hotdog oven,
and disarming smile, and a gun.

So, if you’re ever looking at the moon through an incredibly powerful
telescope..perhaps from an observatory on the top.
of Mount Everest and see a guy with a hotdog oven strapped
to his back, with a disarming smile and gun…

Think of me.

And be my Valentine.


All My Friends Are Ghosts


(photo author in Venice)

I’ll tell about my favorite place in Italy
Venice. For this reason…
It’s a city of stone and masonry built upon
a million tree trunks pile driven into the lagoon
It doesn’t even make sense that such a city exists.
Which makes being there…magical.
You can place an idea like a kitten
in a cardboard box and hope
it shows up on Christmas morning
but even if you’re lucky you get it right once a year.
You can see tomorrow coming
It’s in your rear view mirror
How did that happen?
One day you want something
And then it’s already behind you
Life’s magic the magician’s
white gloved hands distracts us
to perform the trick
one thing I have observed
is that with every passing day
all of us are dying
but very few are living
Life is short
Which makes being here…magical.

All my friends are ghosts.





The God Number

count to ten

to put aside
reflex response
and emotion

count to one hundred
to put aside
your doubt

and lack
of belief

count until
you can act
with clarity and
to purpose

it is at this point
you have reached
the God number

count now count to
the God number

that number is one
we are one