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drop dead


drop dead

ash snow angel



water food



work until

no more light

but hope


Calistoga/Santa Rosa Firewar 2017 (Part 40) (c u in 4 days?)

Back roads sufficiently open now they need me for 4 days?

Fences, horse.

Drag over neighbor barn, turn upright. Animals shelter

Resupply food. Mostly just heavy labor.

Me: Mr. Happiness

“Strength” is my strength.

c u in 4 days.

K: Come by if you can make it I’ll give you a birthday hug…



Reverse email string.


Hi Nancy/Suzanne:

Let met know what you think as I’m completely fresh and you’re going to be a bit worn.

I need to go pick up a pair of work boots and gloves…I have a go-bag at home.

Nancy, if it would make sense, I could come up to your place in Petaluma to night? If room?

Sleeping bag floor.

Save me 80 miles tomorrow morning if you have space and not too wiped out yourself.

They need me primarily to move heavy things…

Let’s take up $250-300 groceries. Mixed perishable/non-perishable. You will have an idea what might be best.

We can pick up tonight/tomorrow morning. I’ll pay our re-imburse.

If you want to lead another “Thelma/Louise” you are in charge getting.

I realize you may be fully time-constrained with everything else.

If so, give any advice here.

Above will be my plan for getting there early tomorrow even if I leave from here.

Thanks. I love you.
Suzanne. I can stay 4-days immediate if you can use. Heavy labor.

Or if way, you can decide on a day-to-day basis.

Thank you you guys for guiding me on this…I love you both very much.

(Do the horse need some carots? Kidding… Or not.) 🙂



On Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 11:58 AM, Forrest Pasky <> wrote:

Adding Nancy as well.

Suzanne, I can come up tomorrow morning.

Do you need groceries as well or anything else?

Nancy, question for you. As you described that road, the tires on my kind of vehicle like go flat on that road.

(Just about any time I drive off of smooth pavement Ranch/Tahoe I get a flat because performance tires.)

Regular route in Calistoga-to-Petrifiied-Forest Road to MHR Road will work or if Santa Rosa approach.

I tracked just now a little on internet. What is application you use to monitor open roads?

If only viable option is backroad available can we explore me giving you my car for time I go up there and I using your car?

Suzanne, do you need re-supplied groceries.

I think risk of tire going flat with load of groceries is substantial on backroad….or Nancy let me know if you think as navagatible as MHR Road.

You can advise overall on best way to approach…your guidance appreciated.

Suzanne, would it then be helpful for me to be there 3-4 days?

4 days would seem to make sense to me if not in way.

Thanks guys,





On Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 11:33 AM, suzanne <> wrote:

Fencing 4 animals is a priority.  Need strong backs 2 move our metal panels asap. Come up anytime. Back rd out of calistoga korton canyon is open and possibly roads from santa rosa tomorrow


Suzanne and John


Email burst 2:

I can drive that Road. Is MHR road drivable by my car, sufficiently open.

RickM likely come up Sat.

I Let Jeff now knows what roads open… depending on family situation I know he would like to come up.

Mr. Chainsaw.

So food. Minimal perishables.

Resupply on non-perishables canned good.

If you like let me know what you would like (list) we can pick these things up and anything else you need.


On Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 1:43 PM, suzanne <> wrote:

We only have a small frig our big 1 broke. They just opened petrified forest rd


Call from Nancy: Change of plans. I’ll brief you on everything when you get to my place tonight.

Jeff text stream:

Be safe! Document everything that’s done I’m sure Suzanne had that same thought
My mom plans to be up Tuesday on a goodwill visit and I plan to as well very soon
Keep in touch

Goodwill very helpful…John/Suzanne strong, but talked to few others in area….very eggshell right now. “Documennt” insurance…other reasons….let me know what thinking.I have a hard covered notebook packed. Thanks….and any other advice from you appreciated greatly.

Notebook and photos are essential. Include date, time, task and man hours. Just about anything that’s done from this point forward should be documented. Even temporary facility repairs such as horse fencing, generators, fuel, etc. Any purchases for materials associated with restoration or support of existing facilities need to keep receipts. Insurance companies love documentation

Chat Conversation End

Type a message…




Nancy phone 2: You won’t be able to get in with a car like yours. The tires wouldn’t make it.

Me: You haven’t seen my email.

Nancy: sounds like we are in agreement.

Do you have a truck, a friend, with a truck, or can you rent a truck.

Me: Not the kind of truck that would be useful on such short notice.

How about you drive me in as close as you can get tomorrow with your car.

Perhaps we will be able to get in…or drop me off at the begining of MTR Road and I’ll walk the 2 miles with my bag.

I’m going to be there 4 days…so that is no “big.”

Nancy: We’ll see if we can get in… if not the “walk” plan sounds good.

Only family with a reason in area right now.

All PG&E and those that need to get roads/elctricity/etc back up. (As long as you stay out of way.)

Nancy: Big freezer dead. Only tiny freezer. Teri/I resupply today. Need nonperishables. We’ll discuss.

Oh, start by packing a duffel all reasonable nonperishables your apartment. Save some time in line at store.

Me: Just stepped out got prelim tools.

Need to make a 2nd run before leave.

Nancy: You gonna turn that barn right sideup tomorrow?!!!

Me: Yes.

(Fuck…I’ll figure it out when I get there. Besides strength need a little physics…lever/moment-arm/fulcrum…real life use that engineering “statics.”

Me: So, I Thelma or Loiuse tomorrow.

Nancy: I’ll let you know which bitch you  are tomorow.

Me: I’m counting on it.

(Brother/sister love.)

Me: Anything I’m forgetting.

Nancy: Probably. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

How much cash from the bank?

Me: $300 in 20’s.

What time we expect to be there tomorrow.
How much cash from the bank?

Me: $300 in 20’s.

What time we expect to be there tomorrow.

Nancy: Dawn’s early light.

Nancy: I’ll save a spot on my floor

Be here by 10. I need some sleep.


Jeff text 2:

Also Petrified forest Rd. is open but MHR Rd. currently isn’t for utility work. You can check and read the note on this hourly updated map:



Me: We’re block 2 miles out.

Jeff: They’ll let you in… use your “charm.”

Calistoga/Santa Rosa Firewar 2017 (Part 39) (Email re-established.)


Hi Suzanne:

Thank God you/John/Casey are OK.

Marianne/Suzanne: Heroic trip in.

Marianne organized another trip in with possibly me that Saturday, but with them defending Calistoga
saw on news we would not be able to get within 15 miles.

Very glad you electricity (Hans/generator), water (well up), food (expect you need re-supplied.)

I can come up anytime you like when roads open??? Car load of groceries each time. Any other supplies you need.

Any one-time shot you need, also blocks 4-days bracketing weekends. (Or more if you need.)

Besides any resupply, might be good to do a 4-day weekend for any “labor” you need in next couple weeks? Again, 4-days at Thanksgiving.
(If you would like a break for Thanksgiving you guys are welcome to come to my place.)
(Yes. I have actually cooked Thanksgiving Dinner with Vin.)
Option is open if you like…
(Or, I’ll take you out to town somewhere nice.)

Going forward once you get things a little more settled I can come up at least every other weekend, 2-days labor, like old days when putting in trail.
(This can go on for likely 2-3 years for rebuild.)
(I need to get some new work boots.)

Have talked with Jeff R. quite a bit, he knows…chainsawing/tree removable, coodination clean up, structural integrity, bring-up of initial infra-structure.
Jeff…as you well-know…everything.

It’s going to take a while on this stuff, you guys take a break, rest, heal-up…

Likely, can’t start cleaning buildings and anything structural until insurance evaluates.

So, supplies or clearing or roads, put up of fences animals…just let me know.

If you need some chainsawing to clear up roads, can possibly come up with Jeff.

If it’s pure “physical labor…”

Well, that’s what I’m best at.

Let me know how I can best help in short term and we can start there…

Longer term, and long term we can plan over time.

(Give Casey some crap for me for jumping of the roof and shattering his ankle, so he could just hang out

and snack in the walk-in freezer while the lodge burned overhead.)

Just kidding he and all you guys are heroes.



Calistoga/Santa Rosa Firewar 2017 (Part 38) (Recovery…how you can help.)

How you can help North Bay Fire Victims

Photos: Sonoma County Animal Shelter and other kitties that made it.


Thank you.


Calistoga/Santa Rosa Firewar 2017 (Part 37) (We will rebuild)



Day 10: 8:28 am.

11,000 fire fighter on site.
Some brought in from as far away as Australia.
More than 220,000 acres burned.

The 5th largest wild fire in the history of California.
The deadliest with 40 people perishing. Still nearly 100 unaccounted for..
3 neighbors perished on our Mountain Home Ranch Road alone.
More structures/homes destroyed than the other the all the other 19 largest combined. 5700+

The Ranch has completely burned to the ground.
Save for 2 buildings, which will be needed to rebuild.

There is calm.

All big fires are now 70-80% contained.
Fire fighting crews will continue their hyper-viligence as they will push toward full containment, to ensure the fires
don’t jump the lines.

To completely put out the fires will take months.
And probably the coming of the Winter Rain.

The beginning of healing is around the corner.
There is a tremendous amount of pain from which to heal.

The fire figters have fought heroically and pulled off many miracles.

Many, many ordinary people have performed acts of heroism they probably never imagined they could do.

There are many heroes.

And thank you to all.

Thank you to the 1000,s of Facebook, messages, texts, phone calls of encouragement.

I am grateful, grateful for all the things above, and grateful for my family and friends who I love dearly.

This is a life defining event in all of our lives.

One must recognize when they are in the midst and passing through an event that will partly define their life.

An act with honor as these acts will be remembered for years to come.

The people in the region and many that have helped from outside the region have such honor.

The time for writing is wrapping up.

The time for consuling, healing, cleaning up, planning, financially planning, and finally beginning to rebuild approaches.

I am grateful for the effort of everyone.

The war is over.

We have won the war.

My work with my family is cut out for me.

It will take 3 years to rebuild the Ranch.

I would like to invite you to the Grand Re-Opening in 2020.

Wink. : )

On a further positive note, the issue we had been having with poison oak on the trails for the time has been greatly reduced.

God bless you all.

Where there is hope there is a way.


San Jose Mercury News 10/18/17:  3pm

“The fires that swept through parts of seven counties starting Oct. 8 were the deadliest and most destructive series of blazes in California history. At least 42 people died, 6,000 homes were lost, and at the height of the blazes about 100,000 people were evacuated.”

Calistoga/Santa Rosa Firewar 2017 (Part 36) (The Superblock)

Fron John’s recounting of the 1964 fire…

The Examiner had an article in the paper the day the fire hit, about our refusal to evacuate.  After going into a brief history of the Ranch, the article accurately reported that Mom was last seen standing on the hill overlooking the Ranch, then the mountain exploded in a wall of flame and no one was seen to leave alive.


After 1st two lodges burned. Third large was begun just before WW11. Built nearly completely of cinder block and solid concrete. Note 12″ inch-on-center breams are concrete and looking out window of bar/restaurant much is below ground level not unlike a “bunker” or a “bomb shelter”. It is the “superblock.”

This design saved lives in 1964 fire and firestorm that rolled over mountain with 60-70 mph winds. It’s also a nice place to enjoy a glass of wine during the summer when it is 100 degrees out as this room is 20  degrees cooler.

How to you survive a firestorm with 60-70 mph winds, temperatures nearing 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, for 4.5 hours (the time it will take to burn everything to the ground), you prepare for it.

You build “strongholds” to shelter in when you need to scape the fire.

Such as the “Strong House” with all significant vegetation cleared a significant and built with an adjoining fire hydrant.

And you get a lot of firefighting training through the volunteer fire department and patrol the house in shifts wetting it down.

Within the superblock is the most defended “stronghold” the wall-in-freezer.

Cumulatively, 57.5′ from light vegetation burns and cumulatively, 2-feet of concrete and 6 inches of wall-in-freezer wall.

It’s where you go on the ranch to save your life.

It’s built on pre-world II superblock technology.

We will likely be able to remove all the rest of the burnt lodge above it and rebuild on the superblock, which structural integrity has not likely been comprised.

What is a superblock?

I lived 400 meters from the superblock in Livermore.