like dominos

along an axis

of gravity

to the sky

they wait



above the

waves and

splash of

the rising tide

they wait



like time

into minutes

and hours

and longer

they wait



like a string

of thoughts

into well

constructed logic

they wait


until a single

wave takes

them all

back to zero

among the

fish and crabs

like falling stars they tumble

over the mountains and far away

is where I send my dreams

placed as stars in the night sky

so that someone may find them

like jewels and hope they fade

sometimes with the dawn


over the mountains and far away

is where I send my dreams

like falling stars they tumble

I make a wish that they may

be found and shared  by another

as dreams are meant to be


over the mountains and far away

is where I send my dreams

for a long time for a life time

they are my dreams as powerful

as tomorrow as fragile as today

I send them out my dreams



eventually, the sledgehammer breaks
when it strikes enough rocks
there is a finite number of sledgehammers
and an infinite number of rocks
in the end the rock always wins
for a long time I was the sledgehammer
eventually, I changed sides and became the rock



(photo: Soviet-era statue Warsaw.)

big bang theory


put your hamster
in my hamper
in New Hampshire
know what I’m sayin?
or buy your cricket
a round-trip ticket
to Amsterdam
but he won’t be coming
know what I mean?
you can hold the allure
over pussy
of a catnip mouse
tap, tap, tap
with her kitty paw
and pause
she negotiating
with Santa Claus
before she grabs
the whole damn mouse
in her mouth
and runs across
the house
and does the mouse
under the bed
we’re talking cats
and women
I gave girl gunslinger
my middle finger
and she road it
like a pogo stick
nearly all night long
she woman apple pie on my fingers
she… her taste still lingers
she said I need a la mode
tell me ’bout your big bang theory
and then explode

against the grain of winter


it took a long time

to be able to wear

my face again

after everything

I loved

had died


I would run for hours

on the levies

out by the water

I never returned home

but I always returned

to the place I live


I ran for months

and the months

became years

as I ran for hundreds

if not thousands

of miles


in all that time

all I asked for

was a sign

a sign that

things would be all right

but that sign never came


then one day

as I ran the levy

between storms

in bone cold starkness

a monarch butterfly

appeared and followed me


she should not have

been out that late

in the season

flying alone

in a zigzag path

against the grain of winter


she disappeared

but surprisingly

an hour later

when I left the levy

to run the streets

she reappeared


and again followed me

like a flickering flame

as it began to rain

it was at that moment

I knew that

things would be all right