time passes

in a way where

we don’t see blood

pass from generation

to generation

too slow to be seen

by the human eye

the same blood runs

through different veins

with age and over time

it is only when we

observe generations

together in a mirror

spanning these years

can we detect its flow




cat police blotter



2 cats were reported piloting a dirigible off of Interstate 87.

No dogs were reported.

A 3rd alleged cat was spotted watching a bird on a lawn.

Surveillance cameras captured the shadow of a cat, possibly tabby,

last night just outside the mall.

A further review of the surveillance tape confirmed

that the shadow was not that of a dog as reported by lieutenant dog

3  probable cats were seen at the cat food store buying cat food.

Anonymous tips put a cat on the corner of city hall sometime

between 8am and 5pm today.

Possibly again watching a bird.


On a non-cat related note…


A tan dog was spotted sniffing another dog’s butt.

A white dog was seen drinking out of a toilette.

A brown dog stuck his nose in a guy’s balls.

And a black dog was witnessed rolling in his own poop.


the existence of time


I think the key thing is to not overthink things too much, not waste time worrying, and enjoy the ride of life each day. If we live with principles and values, we usually know the right decision to make and we should trust this instinct. It’s more than just instinct. If we look at time as the “past”, “present”, and “future”, the only time we really control is the “present”. The “now.” We should appreciate that and always make it a point to enjoy the present moment of the day. A lot of people have these kind of worries, myself included at times. The past…regret… either I wish I had done something or I wish I had not done something. Thing is the past is past and we can’t change it. We can learn from it, but we can usually understand that pretty, quickly without wasting time worrying about things that we can’t change. All we can do is make decisions based on our principles and values. Sometimes this works out the way we want. Sometimes not. Hindsight is always 20×20. I’m comfortable with making wrong decisions at times if they are consistent with my principles and values. Usually, things turn out for the best because the decisions are made based upon my beliefs. Regarding the future, we should plan responsibility, and work towards our goals, but not spend a lot of time worrying about this “time” either. This “time” like the “past” also doesn’t exist. It may “potentially” exist, but we don’t want to put everything we want to do or enjoy off for the future. We could make the mistake of putting things off to a date when we are no longer able to do them. Or we sometimes worry about “how” will we be able to do something in the future? We can best address this by focusing on the “now.” The present. Everyday. The past provides a quick reference for lessons we have learned. The future, a general guide towards which to plan, If, we fully appreciate and make the best use of the present, the current moment, the now…we will be happy now. And we will understand that we are doing the absolute best we can do. The past and the future will take care of themselves if we focus on the now.

Reference: Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now”


Carpooling with God

CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE (drawing by Forrest)

One day on the morning commute

God appeared in Bill’s passenger seat

Bill happily swerved into the car pool lane.

Bill: “Hi God. How’s it going?”

God: “Bill I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.”

“You’re going to die today, but I’ll give you the choice of

dying in a horrible car crash this morning. Or you can go

to work and use the day to get your things in order and die

peacefully in your sleep tonight.”

Bill: “Hmmm.”

Then Bill pulled the wheel hard to the left crashing into a cement over-crossing

killing both himself and God.

As Bill and God’s spirits started their ascent to heaven God was puzzled.

God: “What the f*ck Bill?”

Bill: “Screw it. At least I got out of a day of work