Thanksgiving from the Ranch

Thank you Donna and Diana

Thanksgiving 2017…still a lot for which to be thankful

Thanksgiving 2016


Mountain Home Ranch
3400 Mountain Home Ranch Rd, Calistoga, CA 94515


Mountain Home Ranch Thanksgiving

the first sitting is for 80 guests
followed by a sitting of 40 for family
guests always eat first

the whole family cuts, slices, and dices on stainless steel
tables in a commercial kitchen whose oven will hold
five 25 turkeys at the same time

10 pound of chanterelle mushrooms picked from the neighboring canyon
are washed

there are no idle hands
there is no idle time

it takes more than 24 hours to prepare over 300 lbs of food

the joy of watching families with laughing children consume
this meal together at the dining room tables

has no comparison in this life


Contributed by: Forrest Pasky, a electrical engineer in the Silicon Valley. He spent 10 years in his 20-30’s as a freelance writer/artist/cartoonist for such publications as Hallmark Cards and King Features. Mountain Home Ranch is a 340 acre family-owned bed-and-breakfast ranch at the top of the Napa Valley. It has been in continuous operation as a get-away/retreat since 1913.



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